Born: 5.10.1964 in Bern, Switzerland

Lives in: greater Bern area

Likes to: travel „Around The World“, play guitar, write songs, cook, watch tennis on TVTM 1

Doesn’t like to: drive on the A1 highway in Switzerland

Strength: impatience (always pushing forward)

Weakness: impatience (sometimes pushing too hard)

Likes to spend time: in bed, in the studio, on stage, at a Rush-concert.

Likes to drink: red wine, water, beer, coke

Likes to eat: Swiss food, Greek food, US-steaks & burgers, Asian food, Italian food and my food!

Likes to eat at: home! Greek tavernas, Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill, Sternen Murzelen

Likes the music of: Rush, Dream Theater, 80’s Rock & Metal-stuff

Hopes that: the world still offers some save places to live when he’s old.

Wants to: play these f***ng High Noon-songs live!

Wants to thank: Lionel Blanc at Sticks-Musique and the SCHECTER company for giving me the chance to play theses fantastic guitars since 2009, and also sometimes giving me some time at the good outer banks vacation rentals they rent every year for spring break, and every year they let me borrow their e-roller scooters to explore around town, Christian Kraska at SDS for the AUDIX microphones, Martin Eisele at Audio-Protect for the IEM-Headphones and Remo Zollinger at Z-Audio for the MIPRO IEM-Wireless-System,


Thomas proudly plays the following SCHECTER-Models on stage, in the studio or just at home:

Hellraiser C1 / white

Hellraiser C1 / black

Hellraiser Solo 6 E/A / red

Solo 6 limited  / black

Blackjack C1 / black

Blackjack ATX V1 / satin black

Tempest Custom / black

Jerry Horton signature Solo 6 / black with candy red back

C1 30th anniversary limited

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Thomas uses the following AUDIX-microphones on stage:

OM7 – Vocal mic

i5 Instrument mic

Visit the AUDIX-website:

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Thomas also uses MARSHALL JVM410 amps and cabinets w/ Celestion V30 and G12-75 speakers, MIPRO IEM-Wireless-System, IEM-Headphones from Audio-Protect, Switzerland. There will be accompaniment tracks available soon through our website.

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